This guided herbal detox and rejuvenation programme comes with everything you need to undertake a short herbal cleanse in the comfort of your own home.

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10 day herbal detox & rejuvenation programme

This easy to follow, guided herbal programme is designed to:

• Press the reset button and reboot your health in just 10 days
• Effectively remove toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants out of your body so you can look and feel better
• Be flexible enough to fit around your current lifestyle and food tastes
• Arm you with an invaluable toolkit which can be used any time you’re feeling run down or in need of a boost
• Leave you feeling vitalised and full of energy

Read on for more information about the 10 Day Herbal Detox & Rejuvenation Programme…


The 10 day herbal detox and rejuvenation programme is a fully supported, deeply nurturing self-care programme designed to:

• Reduce bloating & indigestion
• Reset your gut microbiome and help you lose weight
• Banish brain fog so you can think more clearly
• Balance blood sugar to help you break free from the cycle of cravings
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve your mood
• Recharge your immune system
• Help you sleep more peacefully
• Balance your hormones

The kit comes with full instructions, and everything you need to undertake the cleanse in the comfort of your own home.


The investment for the 10 day cleanse is £80. This includes:

• A complete kit containing all supplements required for the 10 day detox
• A 30 minute herbal consultation conducted via Skype
• Full step by step instructions
• A personal symptom tracker
• A recipe booklet
• Personal email support for the duration of the cleanse
• Access to an invite only support group (no obligation)


Please note that although the 10 day detox and rejuvenation kit makes a great pre-conception programme, it is not suitable for ladies who are pregnant or breast feeding. Some medical conditions may also preclude you from joining the programme.

Before commencing the cleanse, you will be sent a safety registration form to ensure that the programme is right for you. GP prescriptions and specific health concerns will be discussed at your initial consultation.

The 10 day cleansing programme is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please state if you have any special dietary requirements at the time of your purchase. Please also note that tinctures in the kit contain alcohol. This means that the herbal detox programme is unsuitable for people who avoid alcohol consumption, or for anyone under the age of 18.


Got a question? You can find more information about the 10-day herbal detox programme here, alternatively, feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll do my best to answer any queries or concerns.


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