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Herbal consultations are appointments where you can discuss your health concerns and have an individual herbal prescription made up for you. Herbalists understand that wellness is so much more than the absence of ill-health. This holistic service supports you, not only with the highest quality plant prescriptions available, but with lifestyle and dietary advice tailored specifically towards your individual needs.

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To book an appointment, please send an email to sarah@alchemilla.co with a brief outline of your health concerns and your preference for either an in person, or virtual consultation. Please note that some conditions can only be successfully treated in person, and whenever possible, a face to face consultation is preferable to an online telehealth session.

An initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. Cost £65.



These sessions are available to clients who have attended an initial consultation and are either following a programme, or would like to review their prescription. Follow up appointments usually take place four weeks after the initial appointment, and are highly recommended for keeping you motivated and on track with your health goals.

The cost for a follow up session is £30.



This service is suitable for people who do not have an ongoing chronic health concern, but need herbal advice on “over the counter” prescriptions such as syrups for winter coughs and colds. Please note that this option is only available to clients who have already attended a full initial health consultation. and are already registered with the clinic.

The cost for a 15 minute over the counter appointment is £20.


Sarah’s help has been invaluable. She listens and delves like a detective.

Through her knowledge, experience and the extra research she did into my stubborn condition, she devised a herbal programme specific to my current needs.

Regular monitoring of my progress meant my herbal formula was adapted as we went along, addressing some specific, unavoidable stressors that were aggravating my condition. Sarah’s support, genuine interest and herbal wisdom and knowledge worked fantastically well for me.


Your first consultation will last approximately 90 minutes and involves taking a full medical case history. Based on our discussions, you will then be prescribed a bespoke herbal prescription which can later be collected or posted out. This may take the form of a tincture, herbal tea, powder, or capsule formulation. For some people, this is enough to help get them back on track, however, for those who have ongoing health concerns, this is often just the start of their journey towards true wellness.

Most people who come to the clinic are looking to make changes which will provide long term benefits to health. Although there is never any obligation to book a follow up session, they are highly recommended as a course of treatment for people who really want to address the root cause of their health issues. These appointments are designed to assess your progress, so that as you improve, your prescription will also change to reflect this. As herbal prescriptions are finely balanced, this is not something that can be managed via email or a quick telephone call. For this reason, follow up appointments are encouraged, not just to keep things on track, but to ensure you’re getting the best possible value for money.

Initially follow up consultations are usually made approximately one month from the date of your first session. However, as you continue to make improvements, these can reduce to bi- monthly or six monthly intervals (unless of course, your circumstances change drastically within that time frame.)

The following articles provide more detailed information about how herbal medicines work, and how they can help improve your wellbeing.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Info & FAQs


Face to face appointments are conducted at Sage in Mawgan Porth. Our little shop is located right next to the beach, and is the perfect setting for a restful and nurturing herbal consultation.

I regularly host workshops and herb walks from here. Please sign up for the newsletter to learn more about future events.


The cost of herbal prescriptions (tinctures) is £12 per 100 ml*. Most people will be prescribed a 300 ml bottle of herbs which lasts approximately one month. Long standing patients can order repeat prescriptions, but most new clients will need a follow up appointment in order to assess their progress before a new formula can be dispensed.

Teas, capsules, powders, creams and salves can also be prescribed. These custom prescriptions are all individually priced. All costs are fully explained before dispensing, and every effort is made to tailor prescription costs to each client’s individual budget and needs.

Got a question about my services? Drop me a line at sarah@alchemilla.co and I’ll do my very best to help.

Read more about herbal consultations and what to expect on the URHP (Unified register of herbal practitioners) website.

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