Herbal consultations


Herbal consultations

A herbalist can help with a wide variety of common health conditions for which you might otherwise visit your pharmacist or GP. Herbal consultations are appointments where you can discuss your health concerns, and have an individual herbal prescription made up for you. Herbalists understand that wellness is so more than the absence of ill-health. This holistic service supports you, not only with the highest quality plant prescriptions available, but with lifestyle and dietary advice which is tailored specifically towards your individual needs.

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Your first herbal consultation will last approximately 90 minutes and involves taking a full medical case history. Based on our discussions, you will then be prescribed a bespoke herbal prescription to take away with you. This may take the form of a tincture, herbal tea, powder, or capsule formulation. Follow up appointments are generally shorter and last around 30 minutes. Complimentary email support in between appointments helps you feel fully supported, motivated and on track.

Consultations are available every other Wednesday morning at the Walsingham Clinic in Truro. Zoom sessions are also available every Tuesday for those who are unable to attend in person.

Appointments can be booked using the online booking system below. Please be sure to choose the correct option (in person or virtual consultation) from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions about our service, please send an email to sarah@alchemilla.co or call the clinic on 01872 263163 and we’ll do our very best to help.

The following articles provide more detailed information about how herbal medicines work, and how they can help improve your wellbeing.

Kind Words

Sarah’s help has been invaluable. She listens and delves like a detective.

Through her knowledge, experience and the extra research she did into my stubborn condition, she devised a herbal programme specific to my current needs.

Regular monitoring of my progress meant my herbal formula was adapted as we went along, addressing some specific, unavoidable stressors that were aggravating my condition. Sarah’s support, genuine interest and herbal wisdom and knowledge worked fantastically well for me.

Client Testimonial


The cost for an initial herbal consultation is £45. Any subsequent, follow-up appointments are charged at £25. These costs also cover interim support in the form of email communication between appointments so that you can feel fully supported while making any necessary lifestyle or dietary changes.

The cost of herbal prescriptions (tinctures) is £10 per 100 ml*. This is approximately one week’s worth of medicine. However, for most people, this isn’t enough to get to the root of their issue. For this reason, you can expect to be prescribed between 2 weeks (£20) to one month’s worth of medicine (£50) on your first visit, with an option to order repeat prescriptions or “top ups” once your health begins to improve.

Teas, capsules, powders and creams can also be prescribed. These custom prescriptions are individually priced. All costs are fully explained before dispensing, and every effort is made to tailor prescription costs to each client’s individual needs and budget.

Please note that shorter “over the counter” consultations for minor ailments are also available via telephone or What’s app for existing clients who have already undertaken a full medical case history. These appointments are charged at £10 for 15 minutes and can be arranged by sending an email to sarah@alchemilla.co.

  • In some instances rare, speciality or more expensive herbs may be used in a formula if called for. These include plants such as Goldenseal, Skullcap and more recently, Echinacea. In these cases, a small additional fee is added onto prescriptions to cover the cost. As the price of herbs is dependant on numerous unpredictable factors such as harvest and availability, prices may vary. However, you will always be informed of any changes to prescription costs at the time of your appointment, and offered an alternative if preferred.

Read more about herbal consultations and what to expect on the URHP (Unified register of herbal practitioners) website.

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