Chilli pepper pick me up is a concentrated herbal extract made from dried chillies (Capsicum minimum) and organic high-grade vodka. The extract comes in a handy 30 ml dropper bottle, making it super easy, accurate and convenient to dispense.

Health benefits include:

  • Detoxification & weight loss aid – May help boost metabolism, making it a helpful supplement for people who are looking to lose weight
  • Digestive support – Promotes Agni (digestive “fire”) helping the body to better break down, and assimilate food
  • Herbal “anti-depressant” –  Chillies have been shown  to produce natural endorphins, relieve pain and improve feelings of general well-being
  • Heart health – Boosts circulation which may help to protect against strokes when taken on a regular basis
  • Blood sugar support – Studies suggest that chillies have a positive effect on insulin levels if taken with food
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Many studies have been carried out into the health benefits of the humble chilli pepper. Most people are familiar with its healing properties which increase circulation and aid digestion, but few realise it’s also an excellent mood booster, gently enhancing feelings of vibrant well-being. This is because chillies contain an active ingredient known called capsaicin, which when ingested, produces natural endorphins which have been shown to lift low moods.

A few drops of Chilli Pepper “Pick Me Up” can help aid concentration, making it an excellent supplement for students and busy people who work long hours. Chilli Pepper “Pick Me Up” helps to reduce mental fatigue without the need to resort to caffeine or energy drinks which can ultimately leave you feeling tired and depleted.

Chillies also contain high levels of vitamin C and other trace minerals which may be beneficial for vascular health. They also contain anti-oxidants and flavonoids, all of which are important to a healthy immune system and protecting the body from the potentially damaging effects of free radicals.

Chili tincture is also a natural pain reliever and can be taken internally or added to homemade herbal oils and salves to produce a gentle warming sensation which relieves aches and pains. Amongst those who practice plant medicine, capsicum is also known as a “messenger” herb. This is because it has the ability to enhance the action of other herbs taken alongside it eg: echinacea for colds and flu (helps to reduce the length of an illness.)

Some studies report that the beneficial compounds found in chilli peppers may also help to prevent strokes.

Read more about the health benefits of chillies here:

Chili Pepper “Pick Me Up” is super easy to take.

  • Mix into your morning smoothie for an instant caffeine-free boost
  • A few drops added to melted chocolate makes for a delicious alternative to sweet treats or gives an extra “kick” to baked goods
  • Add to warm water, lemon and ginger and drink every morning as a weight loss aid
  • Surfers – warm up after a session by taking a shot of Chilli Pepper “Pick Me Up” diluted in a small amount of water
  • Chillies and other spicy dishes can be enhanced by adding a few drops to food at the preparation stage

Caution: This supplement is not suitable for people who have been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer or similar gastro-intestinal disorder. As this product contains alcohol, it is not suitable for children. Caution should be taken to avoid contact with eyes.

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