Jammy & irresistible organic elderberry shrub is made to a traditional recipe.

It contains a variety of herbal extracts traditionally used to provide immune support during cold and flu season.


Organic extracts of elderberry, ginger, and turmeric in an organic white wine vinegar and sugar base.

Bottle size 120 ml


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Organic elderberry shrub contains extracts of elderberry* ginger* turmeric* and star anise which are traditionally used to help support the immune system and provide symptomatic relief of colds and flu. Elderberries have long been studied for their anti-viral properties and immune enhancing effects. They contain vitamins A, B and C, and  anti-oxidants which can help to protect cells from damage. Ginger, turmeric and star anise work together synergistically in an organic apple cider vinegar base, to deliver powerful immune for a run down system. This jammy and more-ish elixir is the perfect example of “food as medicine.”

*Organic ingredient

In line with our environmental policy, organic elderberry shrub is packaged in a reusable glass bottle that can easily be sterilised and refilled or reused. A refill service is available on request for local pick up orders.


One teaspoon (5 ml) twice daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Children over 6 should take half the adult dose.

Elderberry shrub can also be added to warm lemonade to help soothe sore throats. For an additional boost, add a couple of drops of warming Chilli pepper pick me up.

It also makes an excellent salad dressing!

Read more about the health benefits of elderberries here

Safety information:

*Please note that this product is not suitable for pregnant ladies or nursing mothers.

*Although this product does not contain nuts, it is manufactured in a kitchen where nuts are handled. 

If you are unwell, have health concerns or an ongoing illness and are concerned about the suitability of this product, please send an email to sarah@alchemilla.co before you make a purchase. There can be interactions between herbs, food supplements, certain medicines and even some foods. If you are currently taking any medications for a health condition, or are you are unsure if there may be a risk of interaction with anything else you are taking, please check with your GP before taking this herbal remedy.

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