• 1 x 100 ml Elderberry & Echinacea Elixir
  • 1 x 25 ml Refillable hand sanitizer
  • 1 x 40 g pack of “Flu Fighter” tea blend


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This winter wellness herbal anti viral kit makes the perfect store cupboard standby. It contains our most popular products to help combat coughs, colds and flu.

The herbal anti-viral kit contains:

Flu fighter loose leaf herbal tea is an uplifting blend of elderflower, peppermint and yarrow. It can be served as a refreshing afternoon botanical “pick me up” or used to help relieve symptoms of colds, flu, rhinitis, sinus congestion and hay fever. This particular combination of herbs is traditionally used to help relieve nasal catarrh, and support the body while fighting off colds and flu. As well as making a delicious tea, it can also be used as a steam inhalation, or add honey for a soothing gargle for sore throats.

Elderberry elixir contains extracts of elderberry, echinacea, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and licorice root which are traditionally believed to help support the immune system and provide symptomatic relief of colds and flu. Elderberries have been studied for their anti-viral properties and immune enhancing effects. They contain lashings of vitamins A, B and C, and are packed chock full of anti-oxidants which help to protect cells from damage.

Read more about the health benefits of elderberries here.

*Please note this product is not suitable for children, or ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not recommended for people who are taking medication for high blood pressure.

Tea tree hand sanitizer gel. 25 ml of refreshing,tea tree anti-viral hand sanitizer gel. Comes in a handy re-fillable glass bottle with pump for germ free hands on the go.

Read more about anti-viral herbs here.


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