Full colour pocket guide to the best herbs for liver health and how to use them in your daily life. Also includes what to eat for optimum liver health, plus step by step instructions for carrying out a gentle, yet effective liver flush at home.

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Companion guide to the Herbs For Liver Health course.

Learn about the core organ of the body’s metabolism – how it impacts your digestion, energy levels, mood, immunity and day-to-day health.

Herbs & liver health is focused around supporting the health of the liver through the use of dietary interventions and safe, effective herbal remedies. It is an invaluable quick reference guide for health care practitioners and students of herbal medicine. It provides a starting point for understanding and assessing liver health, while still serving as a detailed, yet practical “hands on” guide for the home herbalist.

This practical guide includes:

  • Monographs of 10 core herbs for liver health and how to use them in your everyday life.
  • A step by step guide for carrying out your own home herbal liver cleansing program.
  • A list of the best foods for liver health, along with recipes and further resources.

Base on 13 years of clinical practice, the book details safe and effective herbal protocols which can be followed by most people who enjoy general good health.

Copies can be signed on request.

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