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Mawgan Porth Village Hall

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Learn how to make and safely use a range of herbal remedies from kitchen cupboard staples and common garden plants

  • An overnight “no cook” raw syrup
  • A delicious herbal shrub
  • An everyday detoxifying tea
  • A tincture using the folk method
  • A first aid salve for burns & scalds
  • A variety of herbal hand & foot baths

This hands on workshop includes a light lunch, herbal refreshments, detailed downloadable resources and medicines to take home.

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This immersive home apothecary workshop will show you just how easy it is to create your own herbal remedies from ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboard, or can easily gather from your garden or street.

This practical morning workshop will soon have you creating delicious and effective heirloom remedies to support your family’s health. It includes detailed notes and resources so you can continue experimenting once you’re back at home.

Learn how to make:

  • An overnight “no cook” raw syrup
  • An delicious herbal shrub
  • A selection of herbal decoctions and infusions
  • A “simple” using the folk method
  • An effective first aid salve for burns
  • Recipes for herbal hand & foot baths

The workshop will also cover which store cupboard standbys to stock up on, providing you with invaluable information about herbal ingredients that every home should have at hand before you get sick.

This practical morning session will give you the tools and confidence to start creating your own herbal home apothecary, as well as the knowledge about how to safely prevent and treat a number of acute common ailments. Learn how easy it is to become a competent remedy maker, and make cost effective, tried and trusted medicines from the everyday items found in your home and garden.

Included in the ticket price:

  • Light lunch & herbal refreshments
  • Take home goodie bag
  • Detailed downloadable recipe & resource booklet

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  1. Sam

    I’ve been to a couple of Sarah’s workshops.
    She is always fun as well as informative. She has great advice and ideas.
    I really enjoyed this workshop I couldn’t wait to get home and start my winter store.
    I have also been to her as a herbalist and found her treatment to be a great help.

  2. Lyn Perry

    Had a lovely experience at Sarah’s workshop. She’s really friendly incredibly knowledgeable and she gives you that feel of connection with the goodies of mother nature. I couldn’t believe all the remedies that could be made from store cupboard goods. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages and now Sarah’s provided me with the confidence to do it… and with ease! How does it get any better that this?
    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and will definitely be joining her on the next.
    I’ve also been to Sarah for Iridology and herbal remedies which has been a godsend. Highly recommend *****

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