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This practical Iridology course covers the basic principles of Iridology, taught by a practitioner with over 12 years’ experience.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your unique constitution from the colour of your iris
  • Analyse your iris structure to glean insights into potential health concerns
  • Recognise the most common iris signs
  • Competently use an Iridology chart
  • Use these insights to make relevant lifestyle changes
  • Use professional tools to photograph and examine the iris in detail

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There are over 200 signs that identify your iris as uniquely yours. This practical Iridology workshop will teach you how to spot the most common iris signs and what they mean for your health.

This short practical course is ideal for:

  • Health practitioners of all disciplines who are looking to understand their clients on a deeper, more intuitive level
  • Anyone interested in learning more about their own, or their family’s genetic health

This practical Iridology course will show you how to identify the basic details of a person’s constitution, genetic make-up, and even their personality traits. You will learn:

  • How to read the iris to gain an understanding of your unique constitutional type
  • How to identify individual strengths and weaknesses from eye colour and fibre structure
  • How to recognize the most common iris signs and what they mean
  • How to read an iris chart
  • How to use an iriscope and iridology torch to examine the eyes in detail
  • How to put this into practice to provide useful lifestyle advice.

Why is Iridology useful?

You can learn a great deal about your health, personal characteristics and unique make-up with only a small amount of information and without the need for long consultations or expensive testing procedures.

Iridology can help to promote the health of future generations by showing you how to break the cycle of inherited disease.

Understanding your individual strengths and weaknesses can offer a sort of “early warning system” which allows you to make simple lifestyle changes which could prevent ill health from happening in the first place.

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  1. Amanda Kendall

    What an amazing afternoon. Looking into the secrets the eye holds!! Totally fell in love with Iridology. Sarah’s workshop is so interesting, and I didn’t want the afternoon to end! Thank you Sarah

  2. Debbie G

    I found the Iridology workshop with Sarah really interesting. There was a lot more to it than I expected. It was fascinating to see the differences between everyone’s eyes, and even more fascinating to see how mine and my sons eyes were almost identical!

  3. Kerry Goddard

    Thanks Sarah for a super afternoon learning about Iridology. It was fascinating to see how you can glean so much information from our eyes. I am always interested to learn about our bodies and how to stay well, this is yet another useful tool that will help me to gain an insight into my health and the health of others. I highly recommend Sarah’s workshops, she is so full of wonderful life enhancing information!!

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