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Made with extract of Kigelia africana, our best-selling sausage tree lotion is made from natural ingredients, is vegan-friendly, and paraben and fragrance-free. Customers regularly report its helpfulness for the following common skin conditions:

  • Soothes the itch of eczema prone skin
  • Softens and reduces redness and scaling in psoriasis
  • Calms fungal issues such as athletes foot and fungal nail infections
  • Reduces the appearance of sun spots and aging
  • Fades blemishes and evens out skin tone
  • Combats hormonal skin problems such as melasma (the mask of pregnancy)
  • Tightens and tones skin

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Sausage tree lotion is made with an extract of Kigelia africana, a beautiful tree which grows across the continent of Africa and some parts of Australasia. It’s easy to identify by the unusual sausage-like fruits which droop down from its branches. This very special tree has a long history of use in its native habitat, where it is most famous for its ability to help soothe and heal all manner of skin complaints including eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

The traditional healers of Africa have harnessed the medicinal powers of the sausage tree for many hundreds of years. As well as anecdotal evidence from historical use, there now exists a large body of scientific research to support its efficacy.

In tests, extracts from the bark of the tree were shown to contain chemicals which block the growth of harmful bacteria. Studies also showed that extracts from the sausage tree may have the ability to inhibit harmful microorganisms including the following:

  • Escherichia coli – known to causes abscesses
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa – involved in skin sepsis and infections
  • Staphylococcus aureus – an organism that causes impetigo and skin abscesses
  • Candida albicans – the fungal organism that causes thrush and athlete’s foot

This rich, silky lotion is light and absorbable, making it ideal for use on larger areas of skin.

The product is made with natural ingredients, is vegan-friendly, and paraben and fragrance-free. It is also free of salicylic acid which is commonly used as a preservative for cosmetic creams. This means that sausage tree lotion is suitable for people who are sensitive to salicylic acid (this is very common among people with eczema and red skin syndrome.) It does not contain corticosteroids, so unlike some prescription steroid creams, it will not thin the skin. The formula is perfectly balanced, and designed to be extra gentle on easily triggered skin.

Sausage tree lotion comes with the HerbMark quality of assurance which provides peace of mind that it has been lovingly crafted by a registered herbalist trained in the manufacture of botanical medicines.

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Ingredients: Purified water, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable emulsifying wax, Extract of Kigelia Africana, Vegetable glycerine, Vitamin E oil, Rosehip oil, and natural preservative* – nothing else.

*Natural preservative contains: Benzyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium sorbate, Aqua (water) Tocopherol (Vitamin E.)

(Please note that the product packaging varies slightly from the image pictured. Sausage tree lotion is dispatched in 250 ml amber PET plastic bottles with a pump dispenser.)

Safety information:

Although sausage tree lotion does not contain any nut products, please be aware that it is manufactured in a kitchen where nuts and other allergens are handled. This product is not suitable if breastfeeding, or for children under the age of 2.

Read more about the benefits of the Sausage tree here:

How the sausage tree helps heal eczema and psoriasis

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21 reviews for SAUSAGE TREE LOTION 250 ML

  1. Adrienne

    I discovered the sausage tree cream after trying everything to help heal my son’s painful skin. Shortly after his birth, a vaccine injury caused it to become dry, cracked and oozing and nothing could help it heal. The cream was amazing and worked quite quickly, moisturising his skin and healing the sores. You can’t even tell he had problem skin now it’s wonderful! Now my whole family use the cream for various skin issues.

  2. Georgie Vinyard-Allen

    My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with eczema and I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah, we have worked with Sarah for many years. Within 2 days of using the cream my daughters eczema has significantly reduced and is much calmer in appearance. The cream feels so nourishing and healing and smells so good too . I am so glad I didn’t have to use steroid cream on her delicate skin. Thank you again Sarah for coming to my families rescue!

  3. Jeff

    I had a couple of tattoos on my shoulders and unfortunately got eczema from a reaction to the ink. A friend told me about SausageTree and I bought some from Sarah, it has worked really well and I have kept my eczema under control. What a relief.

  4. Donna

    My daughter has suffered with eczema for most of her life and it has been a constant cycle of steroids, lotions and antibiotics as well as horrendous pain and sleepless nights.
    We tried many different natural alternatives but nothing seemed to work.
    When we tried the sausage tree cream we were sceptical but to our surprise within a week my daughters skin was clear for the first time in years.
    I highly recommend anyone to give this a try as it’s the only thing that has ever brought relief.
    Will continue to keep a bottle on hand for any future outbreaks.

  5. Grant Hawkes

    I have been trying sausage cream on a number of areas where an auto immune disease tends to attack. This cream really gives fantastic relief where I suffer with soreness and sometimes split skin. Primarily I have been using it on an elbow with one tiny amount a day. This does provide more than enough relief for me. I’ve also used it on a sore I get on the side of my mouth and near on some parts of my eye lids which I do with great care as not to get it into my eyes. It either that, or a medical cream that works but is dangerous to be used near eyes. My condidtions are rare, so have been using this cream to help eleviate soreness while I continue to find causes for my problems. I’ve had no worries or side effects woth this product and have impressed with the results this cream has given me.

    Many thanks to Sarah for your help!

  6. Rachel

    I am fortunate enough to have been using the sausage tree cream for some time now and it continues to help ease the itchy, rough patches of skin. I have spend a huge amount of money over many years trying to find a cream that I can use on my face, that is natural and that would not irritate my very sensitive skin.
    I have to admit that even now I am tempted to buy other creams when I read that they are made from natural ingredients, but then a couple of days later, they start to irritate me and I return to my sausage tree cream.
    Thank you Sarah for all your guidance and continued advice.

  7. joan donoghue

    i am over 70 years old and have over the years tried many well known and sometimes quite expensive moisturing, anti aging products i now only use sausage tree cream as i find it just as good if not better than anything i have used in the past. also it has the added benifit of fading brown spots and miraculously seems to work for the eczema i have on my ears. A GREAT PRODUCT.

  8. Brandi Bond

    A couple of years ago, my children and I started experiencing some skin issues.  My oldest son had an unexplained rash all over his face, my youngest son had developed eczema, and I had developed extremely dry patches under my eyes and around my nose.  I tried every lotion, cream, balm, and oil under the sun.  Nothing worked. I stumbled across Sarah’s website and decided to try the sausage tree cream because of all the positive reviews. I began using it on my children and myself and within a week, my oldest son’s face had cleared completely.  The dry patches on my own face cleared completely within a month and my youngest son’s eczema has dramatically improved. We call it our miracle cream! It has been a godsend for my family and we are so grateful to Sarah for her dedication to making a natural product that really works!

  9. Hayley Newman

    I bought a small bottle of this cream 5 days ago to help with a post viral scaly rash on my youngest daughter’s skin. Not only has that dry skin condition cleared considerably, we have had some other surprising results as well. A small patch of molluscum contagiosum has significantly reduced in size and a patch of white lumps under her eye that has been present for 2 years is now barely noticeable. My husband is using it on eczema between his fingers and our teen is applying to bumpy upper arm areas. I have used on rosacea on my cheeks and we have all seen the benefits. The beauty of this light cream is that we know it is pure and safe for all the family. It doesn’t have a heavy smell, so again is perfect for us all. I will be buying the largest size next time to have on standby.

  10. Dave

    I have had eczema for my whole life (35yrs) and after a recent flareup I came across this cream. It has been the absolute best thing that I have found to help with my symptoms. Since buying this cream I have yet to have to resort to using any topical steroids as it works so well. It is light enough that it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable like some thick lotions do but it is still very soothing. I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone experiencing any skin issues, it has been an absolute life saver for me.

  11. Kerrie Johns

    I have spent years and years trying to find a cream that will make any difference to my eczema. Literally spent thousands until I came across this cream. Before using this cream my face was so bad and within a couple of weeks and some diet tweaks it totally got rid of my eczema that I have had for years. Now my whole family use this cream. Whenever my daughter has an eczema flair up I put this on and within a couple of days it’s gone. My husband is also obsessed with this as a face cream. You will 100% not regret buying this product.

  12. Sebastian Venn

    I have had a problem with eczema for 15 years and I’m very careful with anything i use. This sausage cream is very gentle and never caused a flareup. In fact my skin is the clearest it’s been in 15 years and I am using less steroidal cream than ever before. I couldn’t recommend this cream enough.

  13. Nicola Andrews

    My 7month old son has had a few really bad eczema flair ups which he has needed steroid cream and antibiotics for. I was very close to having to get more antibiotics for a weeping eczema wound for him when I started to change his diet and use the sausage tree cream, and it has really helped!! No more need for steroid cream yet either. And I have even used it on a cut of my own and it healed mega fast! Thank you Sarah 🙂

  14. patricia lavelle

    After years of trying all kinds of potions and lotions I have, at last, found one that works on my varicose eczema Sausage Tree Cream is a light and silky cream that soothes and feels lovely on the skin. It is very economical as a little goes a very long way. Thank you Sarah Keep up the good work

  15. Lisa Rubino

    My youngest son had such issues with eczema until we found this cream! It has made such a difference in our lives. My son, who is now five, was prone to eczema since he was an infant. It was terribly itchy and would keep him up at night. His skin was often raw and would bleed. We tried every remedy from changing his diet to creams prescribed by dermatologists and our pediatrician (which had side effects such as permanent skin discoloration). Each cream we would try, would seem to work at first but then after a few weeks of use, the eczema would be back and we would be back at square one. A friend suggested trying this sausage tree cream a little over a year ago. We tried it and it has truly been our miracle cream. My son’s eczema is completely gone. His skin is smooth and shows no signs of him ever having any skin issues. The areas that had been discolored (from the prescription medications) have even returned to his normal skin color. I couldn’t be any happier to have found this Sausage Tree Cream. Thank you, Sarah, for this lotion! Please don’t ever stop producing it! I now use this lotion on all of my five children, as well as myself. A little bit goes a long way and we all love the way our skin feels after use.

  16. mia newman

    Before using Sausage Tree Cream, I found that my acne was really bad. I had a lot of cystic acne and I wanted to go on medication for it because I hated it so much. But my mum introduced me to Sausage Tree Cream. Its really helped my acne to clear up naturally and without any chemicals. I had tried a few other things for my acne but nothing ever worked like this cream. I have really noticed a difference in my skin. If I go a few days without it, my skin looks completely different and it breaks out. I would 100% recommend it to anyone with acne!

  17. Jane leigh

    Amazing cream!
    Being of a certain age my legs have become Very scaly, flaky and dry, I have been using for approximately 4 weeks twice a day, it’s made a huge difference.
    I have just ordered my second lot of cream.
    I’m telling everyone about it!

  18. Mark Stevens

    I have been using Sarah’s Achemilla Sausage Tree Cream for several years now to treat eczema and dermatitis. It’s one of the few creams that I have found that is both effective and safe to use, especially for treatment around my eyes. It reduces the itching, cracking and redness, allowing my skin time to heal whilst giving me much needed relief from the urge to scratch at the already inflamed skin. A little goes a long way. I am more than happy to recommend Sausage Tree Cream as an effective treatment.

  19. Shanna Kathleen

    My 2.5 year old child has moderate to severe eczema and this product is the only thing that has made a difference in her skin. We have tried everything; eliminated 22 foods from her diet including gluten and dairy, oatmeal baths every night, special soaps and detergents, tons of (non-steroid) creams, long sleeves and pants, etc. Nothing made a difference until this! I have made the suggestion and am hoping our pediatrician will start to carry this. Thank you so much, Sarah.

  20. Fiona Whiddon

    I’m so pleased to say that the sausage tree cream has saved me from a sore and unsightly problem: Actinic keratosis. I did have an appointment to see a dermatologist in hospital in March 2021, but of course COVID put paid to all non-essential appointments. Applying the cream has stopped the recurrent cycle of scabbing and sore red patches in the interim….when I was able to see the dermatologist in July 2021, he was surprised to hear (and see) of my success with a non-pharma product. I can’t say that the sausage tree cream is a cure for this potentially dangerous condition (the patches can become cancerous), but it does provide relief from the discomfort of the red patch stage and stops the formation of the ugly horny scabs.

  21. Tim Hunt

    Me and my partner have both suffered on and off with eczema our whole lives. Although we know you can’t cure eczema, we have both tried several different creams and medication to relieve our symptoms when it gets bad. I was happily surprised at how the cream gives you instant relief from the raw soreness and itching and then it actually has a calming anti inflammatory effect on the area you apply the cream too. Our skin instantly felt silky soft. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable moisturising product.

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