Why Everyone Should Be a Self Sufficient Herbalist

At the start of the COVID pandemic, for the first time ever I was unable to source essential remedies like echinacea and elderflower because my herb suppliers had run out of stock. What would happen if we could no longer buy herbs on demand? Read on to discover how becoming a self sufficient herbalist is something we should all consider doing – plus some practical tips on how to get started.

A Practical Guide to Anti Viral Herbs

Herbalist have long used anti viral herbal remedies to help support the immune system and boost natural defenses. Discover how to use a range of common culinary herbs and over the counter remedies to ward off coughs and colds.

Making Herbal Switchels, Shrubs & Vinegars

In recent years there’s been a revival of interest in vinegar based drinks, both by bartenders and herbalists, who use a variety of seasonal ingredients to make refreshing, healthy concoctions. Herbal switchels and shrubs are really easy to make. This DIY blog post explains how.

How to Make Rose Hip and Elderberry Syrup

How to Make Rose Hip and Elderberry Syrup

Nature provides exactly what we need at precisely the moment we need it. Every autumn, around the end of September, rose hips appear like clockwork, letting us know it’s time to make preparations before the winter sets in. Here’s a delicious recipe for rose hip and elderberry syrup that can easily be whipped up in an afternoon; an invaluable store cupboard standby for soothing sore throats over the cold winter months.

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Herbs for Liver Health

Herbs for Liver Health

Your liver is responsible for more than 500 vital functions (and probably many more besides.) Learn which herbs are best for supporting liver health, and how to use them in your everyday life.

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