Herbs for Liver Health

Herbs for Liver Health is a short but practical course, aimed at helping you learn how to incorporate liver supportive herbal medicines and foods into your everyday life.

The course explains in simple terms, how the liver works, and its role in your physical and emotional wellbeing. You’ll learn how to use a wide range of herbal medicines from both a western, and traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint, and how to combine different herbs to create bespoke formulas for yourself, friends, family or clients.

In addition, the course also walks you through a range of easy to follow naturopathic home treatments (including how to perform a gentle liver flush, and how to make your own herbal bitters) and is accompanied by deliciously healthy recipes to give your liver a helping hand in ‘spring cleaning’ your body.

This comprehensive short course includes text and video content to consolidate your knowledge of how practicing herbalists use plant medicines to support good digestion and liver health.

The course is designed to serve as a detailed introduction to plant medicines for the home herbalist, as well as providing enough depth of content to be a useful resource to alternative healthcare practitioners.

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