As an herbalist, it’s so wonderfully satisfying to see how plant medicines can have such a deep and long-lasting effect on people’s everyday lives. I particularly enjoy receiving emails from customers who’ve successfully used herbs to help resolve their skin complaints. The majority come from people who have used my tried and trusted sausage tree cream to gain relief from the misery of eczema and psoriasis.

As well as the obvious physical effects, stubborn skin conditions have a huge impact on a person’s mental and emotional well-being. Because herbs support the healing process from the inside out, they’re especially good at getting to the root cause of the issue. Anxiety, stress, or a poorly functioning digestive system; there are many reasons why flare-ups happen. Although most people want to address these deeper issues and gain long lasting relief, what they really need is some immediate help to reduce their symptoms. This is where Kigelia africana, otherwise known as the sausage tree really excels.

Let me share some stories with you:


“Having suffered with dry skin from a very young age, I accepted it as my fate. For years I went back and forth to the GP’s office, picking up prescriptions for thin skinning steroid creams. I believed this was the only (short term) cure for it. It never occurred to me that what I was putting onto my body was having an adverse effect on my skin.

About 2 years ago, my skin flared up really badly. Nothing I used made it better. I tried countless emollients and creams, and was even referred to a dermatologist, but nothing worked. I was in a very bad mental state as it was affecting my relationships and my work. It got to the point where I was calling in sick just to avoid being seen by people.

One night, while googling I stumbled across the sausage tree cream. I’ve never looked back. Using the cream has finally allowed me to wear clothes that show my shoulders and arms, and the best thing of all is that I no longer have to rely on steroid creams! I’m in a much better mental state than I was. Here’s a picture of me attending a wedding last weekend. I wanted to share it with you as I haven’t felt confident enough to show my arms or torso for a very long time. Thanks to the sausage tree cream I’m able to feel confident and vibrant again instead of hiding away my skin. I’m forever grateful.”


“Before discovering the sausage tree cream, I spent hundreds of pounds trying to find a solution for my toddler’s eczema. I tried anything and everything that was recommended or I read about in magazines. I tried every type of natural and known brand (including beef tallow!) I even ordered creams from other countries. The only thing that brought temporary relief was skin thinning steroid creams which never provided a long-lasting solution.

I was devastated and was constantly worrying about the long term effects these creams were having on my daughter’s skin. I felt so depressed, that was until I discovered the sausage tree cream!

Since using the cream I’ve never had to resort to using steroids. I’ve never looked back. Apart from a few small patches on her elbows, my little girl’s skin is now almost clear. This cream has been a godsend to my family. I can’t thank you enough for making this product. I tell everybody who has eczema to try sausage tree cream!”

Brandi (USA)

“A couple of years ago, my children and I started experiencing some skin issues.  My oldest son had an unexplained rash all over his face, my youngest son had developed eczema, and I had developed extremely dry patches under my eyes and around my nose. I bought and tried every lotion, cream, balm, and oil under the sun.  I spent hundreds of dollars and nothing worked.  Finally, I made appointments for all three of us to go and see a dermatologist.  I was told there wasn’t much that could be done for us, and was given steroid creams to use.  After doing some research about the dangers of using steroid creams, I threw them out and started a search for a more natural alternative.

I stumbled across Sarah’s website and read about something called sausage tree cream.  I’d never heard of it before, but the positive reviews were enough to encourage me to try it. I began using it on my children and myself. Within a week, my oldest son’s face had cleared up completely. The dry patches on my own face were gone within a month. My youngest son’s eczema has dramatically improved since he began regularly using the sausage tree cream. We use the sausage tree cream every night before bed, and every morning when we wake up. Our skin is smooth, soft, clear, and supple. In fact, my face has never looked this good even when I was using expensive, designer moisturisers!”

sausage tree cream for children

“I recently went to have a facial and the aesthetician told me that I have beautiful skin and asked me what skincare line I used. It was a pleasure to tell her about the sausage tree cream. She was amazed that I wasn’t using expensive cosmetic products. A few weeks ago, I took my sons for their regular check-up at the paediatrician.  He was really pleased with the improvement of my youngest son’s eczema. He asked me what I was doing differently than all of his other patients.  I told him about Sarah and her sausage tree cream and he jotted down her website to share with his other patients, He said, “Keep using it because it’s working!” I’m so grateful to have found this miracle cream. If you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked, I highly recommend giving sausage tree cream a go.”


“Our whole family uses the sausage tree cream as a moisturiser. It’s just such a gentle, effective cream. I truly believe eczema can only be cured from the inside, but the sausage tree cream allows me to live my life without being in pain or having that uncontrollable itch.”

Ear eczema beforeEar eczema after









“I wanted to send you a picture of just how well your lotion works… This first photo was taken a couple days before our virtual consultation, and the second one is from today. We are going to work on the dietary changes you suggested, but you can already see the improvement in my son’s skin. Thanks so much for all your help!”



I discovered the sausage tree cream after trying everything to help heal my son’s painful skin.

“Shortly after his birth, his skin became dry, cracked and oozing. Nothing could help it heal. The sausage tree cream worked quickly and we soon saw some amazing results. The cream not only moisturised his skin, but it also healed the sores. After just a few weeks of using the cream, you would never believe he ever had a problem. It’s wonderful! Now my whole family uses the cream for a variety of skin issues. It really does help.”


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